CLEARCorps, the Community Lead Education and Reduction Corps, was created in 1995 through a partnership between The Shriver Center at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, the National Paint and Coatings Association, and the Corportation for National and Community Service’s AmeriCorps (also known as the Domestic Peace Corps) Program.

Since 1995, CLEARCorps has been responsible for:

  • Remediating more than 3500 homes to lead-safe standards.
  • Training more than 400,000 people in how to keep their homes lead safe.
  • 94% of families who responded to surveys, noted that they were “better equipped to protect their children” after working with CLEARCorps.
  • Many effective public/private partnerships.
  • Work in more than 10 cities on changing codes to make children and families safer from lead.
  • Thousands of children screened for lead poisoning that had not been previously screened. This is the result of advocacy efforts to increase screening and performing screenings directly.



The mission of CLEARCorpsUSA is to support low-income families by providing family-centered services to help them protect their children from lead poisoning and other environmental health threats.


The CLEARCorpsUSA vision is:

1) The day when all children are free from lead poisoning, and all children enter their school-age years unharmed by environmental hazards in their homes—ready to learn, and ready to fulfill their potential as individuals, family members, and citizens; and

2) Every family with children threatened by lead hazards in their homes has the knowledge, skill and support they need to protect their children from lead poisoning.


To advance its mission and vision, CLEARCorpsUSA adheres to the following values and operating principles:


To respect the ability, commitment and responsibility of families in protecting their children from lead poisoning and environmental hazards.


To reach mutual agreement on a lead risk reduction strategy for the child that accurately reflects the strengths and capacities of CLEARCorps and the family.


To practice simple and effective means of controlling lead dust and reducing lead hazards that can be learned, supported and maintained by the family.


To control lead hazards safely and effectively, ensuring that lead dust levels in work areas meet or exceed federal safety guidelines.